No Need to Start From Scratch

Just like a kitchen remodel, you may just want to change the hardware knobs on the cabinets (a really cheap website fix) or knock down walls and re-arrange the whole floor plan (which would cost more).

Renovating a website is not a scary process, especially when you let us guide you through it, so you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

Website renovation can sometimes be 80% cheaper than building a new website from scratch, as long as you have a strong foundation . . . and if we see some “cracks in your foundation”, we’ll point them out to you for free.

Much of the work and therefore your bill will be in the “programming”. And that’s only fair – it takes time to do all of the technical stuff that makes a website go live. But after that work is done – much alike a foundation – making “cosmetic changes” like improving your written copy and marketing offers are cheap when you compare the two.

Essentially, you only pay for the work we actually do – and that work is communicated ahead of time.

Improving Your Existing Website

  • Always have a budget set up before you formally begin working with any developer. Ideally, find a website developer that is able to work in “chunks” or pieces.
  • Start with the negatives. Write down, as clearly as you can, what isn’t working on your website.
  • Then write down specifically what you want your site to do. Specifically! “I want it to make more money for my business” is really not specific enough. Instead, maybe you want it to “Produce more leads,” “get people to stop by showroom,” “call me for an appointment,” “inform the visitors about my product or service,” etc.