Features Pricing

If you have seen things that you like on different websites, make a note of them and we can discuss what we can do on your site.

During our initial consultation we can discuss what you want, and we will prepare a quote broken down by the various pages and features. From this quote, you can decide how you want to proceed 1) by doing the everything, or 2) break it into chunks and renovate your site over a period of time to help stretch out the costs.

The advantage of renovating is you don’t have to do the whole thing at the same time.

Your Budget

The other approach is you might have a budget that you need to stay within. No problem – we can discuss your budget and lay out different options and priorities in order for you to get what you want within your budget.

Our quotes are based on $75 per hour for development work. Sometimes we come in over and sometimes under depending on what obsticles we encounter along the way. If we go over the quote and you don’t want to proceed – that’s fine. We guarantee our work and we depend on happy clients to grow our business.